Kathy Patterson

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading schedule

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Jan. 29, 30.          Chapter 1

Feb. 5, 6.              Through Chapter 6

Feb. 13, 14.         Through Chapter 12

Feb 19, 20.          Through Chapter 18

Feb. 26, 27.         Through Chapter 24

Mar. 5, 6.             Through Chapter 30



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No backpacks or blankets are allowed in the classroom.

Required supplies to bring every day:


1-inch or 11/2-inch three-ring binder

Lined paper

One brightly colored folder

3-5 pencils and pencil sharpener (with holder for shavings) or mechanical pencil with extra lead or a pen if you wish, but have a pencil at all times ready for testing

Required supplies to have at home

Your Textbook

Dictionary (Internet dictionary os acceptable)

A-Day/B-Day calendar

A Notebook, any size or style, for keeping track of all work pending

“It’s the printer’s fault!”

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More and more, “my printer is out of ink” is replacing “the dog ate it” as an excuse for not having homework. I have told all my classes repeatedly that when the printer is out of ink, they can and should write their work out the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Using printers at school is very chancy. The library is often closed to students. If students rely on the school printers, they MUST do their work ahead of time and have a few days to get to the printers. Depending on school printers is not viable for last minute or late work.

Don’t use printers or the library as an excuse!