Kathy Patterson

Understanding Grades

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Quizzes,  20%

Midterm and Final Exams,  15%

Essays,  15%

Literacy: Novels and Projects,  15%

Homework/Classwork Assignments,  15%

Participation,   5%

Communications/Speeches/Research,  10%

Interpreting Grades

Do not be concerned about blanks. Either the student’s turn is pending, or I am in the process of entering grades. Your student’s class may be the last one I get to. Some students may have turned in essays or other assignments, but the deadline has not been reached.

Be concerned when your student has a zero or a low grade entered, that is, lower than you want it to be. Low quiz grades mean more time needs to be spent at home reading and studying.

The Homework/Classwork grade equals the number of assignments completed satisfactorily. If your students has 33%, that means 1 of 3 assignments was turned in. Or 60% means 3 of 5, or 6 of 10. Your student should have all details in the planner. Missing or incomplete assignments can often be found in the student’s notebook or backpack. Just which work is missing can be found in a notebook at my desk, before or after school, not during class. I frequently tell everyone what assignments might be missing, but I do not respond to individual requests during class time.

Participation grades reflect coming to class prepared with planner, textbook, notebook and all supplies.

All quizzes and exams are listed separately. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped at the end of each quarter, unless a student has already missed several quizzes. An X indicates an absence, a dropped grade or an exempted quiz; the computer automatically averages only the quizzes that are counted. A quiz grade of zero indicates the student missed all answers or did not turn in the quiz. There are no retakes.

Essays are announced and explained repeatedly well in advance of the due date, and no one misses hearing about essays due to absences. Students whose essays are not turned in are reminded several times about work due before grades are lowered for lateness.

Literacy grades are based on out-of-class as well as in-class reading. This grade is usually two or more projects or essays. Everyone hears about these assignments well in advance and often, and no one misses hearing about the assignments due to absences.

There are notebook/journal checks in each quarter. A grade of zero means the student did not submit a notebook to be checked. Students whose notebooks are lost, stolen, or misplaced may provide evidence they are still writing in journals and taking notes after the mishap.

Performance indicates a Communication grade given for each of several speeches. A zero indicates the student refused to participate. Students are allowed to make up speeches after everyone else gives his or hers.


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