Kathy Patterson

Fourth Quarter Assignments

Assigned May 17, 19. In orange textbook, read pages 417-435. On page 436, do Reading Check and #1-8.

Assigned May 12, 16. Due May 17, 19. Complete WebQuest 3.

Assigned May 9, 15. Due next class. Make a chart with four characters from the annex. For each, list name–real or in diary– five adjectives (with page numbers), one typical quotation (with page number), one figurative language (with page number, optional for exceptional students only), three actions (with page numbers), and a drawing as you envision that character.

Apr. 28, May 1. Draw an illustration of an event described in Anne Frank’s diary and explain why the event is important (drawing + 8 sentences or more = one page).

Assigned Apr. 27, 28. Due May 3 (A-Day) and May 5 (B-Day). Choose one of the proverbs you have collected and illustrate it, writing the proverb as a caption under your drawing. Take time. Be perfect (quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream!). No lined paper. No pencil except artistic drawings. Use color. Participation grade.

In-class work. April 27, 28. List 25 or more well-known proverbs.

1A only. Assigned Apr. 26, due May 1. Anne Frank said, “I must not bury my head in the blankets, but keep my head high.” In a five-paragraph essay, discuss this proverb. You may analyze it, apply it to your own life, and/or accept or reject it as a guide to life.


Assigned Apr. 19, 20. Think about Anne Frank going into hiding for years. If you had to pack for hiding like that, what would you take? Create a thesis statement that explains your choices, then write a five-paragraph essay with introduction, 3 body paragraphs and conclusion. Due Apr. 28, May 2.

Assigned Apr. 16, 17. Due at once. You’ve been invited to go with a friend to a foreign country with his/her family for six weeks this summer. Write a letter persuading your parents to let you go (8 sentences or more).

Assigned Apr. 13, 14. Analyze these poems as you did the others earlier this week: orange book, pages 327, 602 and 606.

Assigned Apr. 7, 11. Due immediately. For each poem in orange book, pages 17, 37, 41, 77, 112, 135, 180, 288, and 290, make an analysis using this matrix:

  1. Write title of poem and poet’s name.
  2. Number of stanzas, lines, syllables.
  3. Rhymes, rhyme scheme, meter?
  4. Other sound devices: alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition?
  5. Similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification?
  6. Theme and message in 2-3 sentences.
  7. Relevance of the title to the message.

Assigned Apr. 3, 4. Due next class. Read and complete work on page 119, then read “The Great Rat Hunt” on pages 120-128, answering all questions in the margins. Also answer #1-8 on 129, all of 130 and bottom half of 131.

Assigned Mar. 27, 30. Each student will read or recite one of the six specified poems on the date he or she has been assigned.

Assigned Mar. 20, 21.  Due next class. Read the remainder of “The Ransom of Red Chief.” Answer all questions on pages 47, 59 (#1-6), 60 and bottom half of 61.

Assigned Mar. 20, 21.  Due April 3, 4.Book #4 from out-of-class reading lists. Create a project: Poster, booklet, essay, diorama, comic strip, papier-mâché, artwork, etc. Any project other than an essay must be accompanied by a one-page summary of the book, with beginning, middle and end included. The summary should state how your project fits with the book.

WebQuest 2. Feb. 27, Mar. 2. Complete by the end of Spring Break.

Assigned Feb. 16, 17. Due Mar. 20, 21. Make a booklet with 15-16 characters from To Kill a Mockingbird: for each character’s page, you should have the character’s name, a drawing (no photos from the movie), a quotation by the character, and one or more sentences telling about the character. Please be creative.

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