Kathy Patterson

When grades are not what you expect

When grades are not what you expect,

  1. Talk to your student before you contact me.
  2. Check your student’s planner. (If there is no planner, that is the problem.)
  3. Does your student use the planner to work out a plan for homework?
    1. Work due tomorrow, later this week, next week, or later
    2. Work that will need materials purchased or prepared.
    3. Work that will take extended time to complete.                                                            (If there is no plan, that is probably the problem.)
  1. With your student, check my homework blog at https://kapatterson.wordpress.com. (If a student claims not to know what an assignment is, paying attention may be the problem.)
  2. If your student is organized and completing everything in a satisfactory manner, check the bottom of your student’s backpack or backpacks. (Get a folder for homework, watch him/her place all completed work in it, and check it in the afternoon to see if work has been submitted.)

Other than quizzes*, work with zeroes may still be turned in.

A blank or an X (exempt) means the teacher hasn’t graded this yet or your student is exempted. Do not be concerned with blanks or X’s.

A zero on any assignment other than a quiz means it has not been turned in; it is also long overdue. Occasionally, work is turned in without a name, but otherwise, it is not in my possession. I would not put a zero if I hadn’t checked everything. Points may be taken off for late work.

*Quizzes. Always announced; students have dates for reading and know what will be on the quiz. No make up quizzes. Student must come to class prepared.

  1. A blank means quizzes have not yet been graded.
  2. An X means your student was absent or that this was the lowest quiz grade and has been dropped.
  3. A zero means your student missed every single answer and is likely the only one in all my classes to score that poorly. The only remedy is to study harder for the next quiz and know that the lowest quiz will be dropped.

–The homework grade is the percent of homework assignments completed satisfactorily and submitted. This grade is always more current than the most recent Progress Report.

-Weighted grades are shown on the syllabus.


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